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We are a group of companies representing different night vision brands in Europe such as Armasight, EOC, ATN, Genesys, Bushnell, Yukon.

Rapid development of technology and large number of innovations made night vision market really diverse and specified. However, Night Vision Liquidation center managed to provide its clients not only with a great diversity of night vision devices, but also with high performance and quality of the best Night Vision and related gear. NVLC is aimed to meet all the needs and ultimate requirements of the Warfighter, Law Enforcement Professional, and Civilian market.

The main secret of bringing you the best equipment by NVLC is in absolute understanding of gear reliability, its tactical application, and a great team of professionals, who prove to be the best in the night vision market till nowadays. There cannot be any compromise when choosing a perfect night vision device and thus NVLC features only the most high-quality and reliable night vision gears available on the market on its website. The list of the best available devices is based on the comparison and best combination of such aspects as price, quality, performance and reliability. We offer you the high-quality and time-tested night vision gears at the lowest prices! Moreover, all the devices are brand new and with a 2-year warranty.

All the equipment we offer our clients is first tested by our professionals and in case particular device meets all the high standards and requirements, then it is presented on our website. Such a procedure is an essential element for NVLC as selling gears based only on the manufacturer's marketing does not match our principles and policy. Our customers can be one hundred percent sure that they get gears of the best quality and in accordance with our high standards

Notice of legal export: Most units at our catalogue and website are considered as “dual use” items, and they are subjects of EU export restrictions. In general, the items may not be re-exported without the authorization of the competent authorities, unless the destination country belongs to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or it is a main member of international forum of export control of arms and non-proliferation of dual use devices (Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group, Nuclear Suppliers Group, MTCR, Zangger Committee).

Warning of ownership and usage. The devices in our catalogue may have some limitation depending on the law of the country where it is used. The customer is solely responsible for compliance with the laws which are active at the present moment of the time. Importers and distributors are liable for compliance with import and export legislation.