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Hottest New Arrivals!!!

NVLC is the first company in Europe to introduce you Armasight Helios 336, Helios HD 336, Prometheus 336, Prometheus mini 336 in 30 Hz and 60 Hz versions. We glad to announce that starting from 1st July 2015 Armasight thermal imaging devices in 30Hz and 60 Hz versions can be sold in Europe and NVLC is the first company to propose them to you. Armasight Inc got the permission from US government to export Helios 336, Helios HD 336, Prometheus 336, Prometheus mini 336 in 30 Hz and 60 Hz versions. The thermal imaging technology allows you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants. In addition with excellent (30 or 60 Hz) refresh rate and reasonable price, Armasight thermal imaging devices are one of the most advanced units on market today. Armasight thermal imaging devices is the ideal choice for hunting, birding, wildlife observation, law enforcements and defense applications.

Armasight Inc. cooperate with police in India.

In may 2015 Armasight Inc. finished the tender for procurement of large amount of daytime binoculars Armasight Omega 8x36. Armasight Omega 8x36 offers solid waterproof construction, and a build in range finder reticle designed for Military, Law Enforcements, and the outdoor adventurer's needs. Armasight Omega 8x36 is compact, has full rubber body armoring and individual eye focus. Over 1000 devices have been sent to India's police departments to help officers to keep streets of Hyderabad safe and crime clean. If you need daytime binocular Armasight Omega 8x36 is a perfect choise.

SPARK CORE reviewed... Did Gen1 finally catch up with Gen2?

A review of the Armasight SPARK CORE Gen1 Night Vision Device, by David Kitson:

... << For a Gen1, I'd be lying if I said it didn't impress me. And I can see it being useful to people who end want to start with a Gen1 unit and upgrade to Gen3.

So in the end, is CORE Hype or Hyper? Well, given that it's just Gen1 technology, I have to go with hype. That said, it's the undisputed King of Gen1 devices I've seen in the past and stands head and shoulders above them all. It proved useful and usable in situations and conditions I expected it to fail in. I wouldn't have expected anyone to come up with a useful and usable Gen1 device, but Armasight have succeeded there. >>...

Full review here source

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