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Unpcoming event Shot Show 2014

Our major supplier Armasight Inc. invites everyone at Shot Show (January 14-17, 2014) in Las Vegas, NV to see its latest and most technologically advanced 2014 line of Thermal Imaging Solutions, top-quality Night Vision, Laser Aiming and Illumination Tools and other precision optics.

January 14-17, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Sands Expro Level 1
Booth 3562 & 531

THIS WEEK'S PRIZE: Fastest time wins an Armasight PVS-14 night vision scope

Armed with night vision goggles and suppressed weapons, the Warrior is tasked with rescuing a hostage from within the shoothouse complex. First, the Warrior must reduce sentries using a sniper rifle with Armasight night vision before maneuvering through the complex. He is then tasked with clearing the first shoothouse “blacked-out,” using only IR light sources and IR lasers on his weapons. The Warrior then makes his way to the second shoothouse, where he can go “loud,” using visible white light on his weapon. Once the Warrior locates the hostage, he must exfiltrate him back to base safely, stopping the clock.


Opticsplanet Brilliance Awards Armasight is the best night vision brand of 2013

Thanks to you and the thousands of votes casted, we've been able to award a roster full of the best brands for their brilliance! The winners are recognized for their exceptional product quality, innovation technology, dependability and all-around awesomeness.
Look out for the Brilliance Awards seal on the product pages of winners both past and present. It's not only a mark of quality, but proof that you're getting some of the best gear around. Don't forget to check out our Expert's Picks, too. These products are chosen by our expert team with decades of hunting, outdoors, tactical and law enforcement experience.

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