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Inidia's Army plans to buy latest night-vision devices

The Army has proposed to buy night-vision devices for multi-caliber assault rifles which will soon be inducted into the force.
Companies have been asked to provide details of the device, known as passive night sight (PNS), that can be fitted on to the weapon for aiming and surveillance after dark. The army has specified that the device must be capable of being mounted on both 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm caliber rifles. It should have a range of 400m for the 5.56 mm assault rifle and 300m for the 7.62 mm firearm. It should also be light in weight.
Having new assault rifles with night vision devices is part of the army's 2020 vision to become a modern fighting force capable of dealing with the changing dynamics of modern warfare. The "night blindness" of the troops has been a major cause for concern for the armed forces.

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